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The Photoshop CS4 Image Editing Software from Adobe is the industry-standard image editing suite for photographers, graphic designers and web designers. The software is used to edit images using a powerful layer-based approach. It also features smart filters to add artistic effects, powerful color and curve controls, digital camera raw image support and text tools.

Unified Tabbed Interface
Photoshop features a unified tabbed interface, complete with self-adjusting panels. This interface helps to reduce clutter, giving you a cleaner workspace. Each image is assigned its own tab, eliminating the need to arrange multiple windows. Of course, you’ll still have the option to manually arrange floating windows and panels, allowing you to compare multiple images in a side-by-side manner.
Layer-Based Editing
Photoshop features a powerful layer-based approach to image editing. You’ll be able to work on one layer of an image without modifying other layers, giving you a non-destructive way to make fine adjustments to images. You’ll also be able to apply filters to specific layers. Photoshop features masking tools to help you create layers from “flat” still images, such as digital camera photos and scans.
Filters and Image Controls
You’ll be able to browse through Photoshop’s filter gallery to see how different filters will change an image. Filters are applied as smart layers that are completely non-destructive, can be modified on the fly and can be stacked.
RAW File Support
Photoshop features support for over 150 digital camera RAW file formats. RAW images can be saved in any file format, including PSD, JPG, TIFF, and DNG. There is even a dust busting tool to help you remove “green spots” that appear on your photos as a result of dust on your DSLR’s CCD.
Quick Select Tool
The quick select tool allows you to isolate objects in an image in order to create a mask or separate layer. The tool is a great way to separate a subject from the background in order to make changes to each separately.
Image Alignment and HDR Support
Photoshop allows you to align a series of images to compensate for slight camera movement. It features tools that allow you to remove unwanted bystanders from a series of pictures. This can also be used to better create HDR images from a series of exposures of different lengths.
Adjustments Panel
The Adjustments panel gives you quick access to Photoshop’s nondesctructive correction tools. You’ll be able to adjust curves, levels, hue/saturation, and other parameters from this panel. You’ll be able to control each parameter independently, without the need to change tools or navigate through menus.
Enhanced Panorama Support
Photoshop CS4 improves on the software’s ability to create panoramic images. The Photomerge module now features enhanced blending options, vignetting control, and geometric distortion correction. Support for 360° panoramas and fish eye compensation have also been added. These tools work together to help create better stitched panoramic images.
Extended Depth of Field
Lenses are often praised for the quality of their bokeh, their out of focus blur, but shallow depth of field is not always desired. Photoshop allows you to combine several images that feature shallow depth of field and different focal points. The result is a single image with a very large depth of field. This tool allows photographers to capture images with a large depth of field, even in low light situations.
Fluid Canvas Rotation
Photoshop’s Rotate View tool is a nondestructive editing tool that allows you to spin a canvas to any orientation. It eliminates pixel distortion, going so far as to automatically adjust selections, grids, rulers, and other tools to match the chosen orientation.

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