How to Make 360° Degree Image in Photoshop Easily – Urdu/Hindi

If you don’t know how to make 360° images in photoshop without any much knowledge of photoshop and then upload on facebook as 360 angle image so this Urdu Hindi tutorial will help you.
►Download .XMP File:

Simply download the above file and open photoshop and create a new document file which should size 10000×5000 and resolution could be 200 or 150 is enough.
Press OK and copy your file there, I mean you will have a blank file where you have to adjust your all those images or a single image which you want to make 360 degree image and set all other basic things like size and text etc if you want otherwise just set your main image and go to File/Info and there will b lot of opion in a pop up windows you have to click on “Import” and then import the .XMP file and now go to again File/Save As and save in JPEG format and upload to facebook.
That’s it 🙂

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