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Candy Line 98 is a new version of the beloved legend game : Line 98 (in PC). This is funny game for killing time. It is easy to play but really challenge to master. You have to move one ball per turn to make horizontal, vertical, cross up or cross down line of at least five balls with the same color for getting score. The more ball in the same line the more scores you get.

If you can get score, the balls in line are disappeared. If not, 3 new balls are added, and the game continues until the board is full.

HOW TO PLAY Candy Line 98

+ Touch the ball to select it.
+ Touch the free area which the ball can reach to move that ball.
+ The game is over when the board is full.

FEATURES OF Candy Line 98

+ Addictive gameplay.
+ Easy to play, challenging to master.
+ Nice graphics and sound.
+ Share your scores with Leaderboard.

Let’s make as many scores as you can and challenge your friends now !

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