WP7 Game Review: Jewel Miner (WMPowerUser.com)

This is a Windows Phone 7 video review of Jewel Miner, reviewed by Andrew Bares from

If you want a fun and free puzzle game with some great production value, check out Jewel Miner.

Overall Score: 4/5
Despite the simplicity of the game, it is actually pretty fun and the music in the game is perfect.

Gameplay: 4/5
The gameplay of Jewel Miner is extremely simple: Find combos of three or more identical shapes. They don’t even have to be touching. However, it becomes interesting since you can cross-match colors for bonus multipliers. For example, you can smash 3 red diamonds and 3 blue diamonds to get a score bonus. These combos make the game enjoyable, since you’ll be trying to find the biggest combos possible while still rushing against the clock. The game isn’t extremely difficult and doesn’t require a ton of logic, which makes it really fun to pick up and play for awhile. If you’re looking for something more complex, this isn’t exactly for you. If you’re looking for something quick and neat, download Jewel Miner!

Presentation: 4/5
The music in the game is fabulous. The soundtrack makes the game feel professional and exciting. The game is also Mango enabled and has a nice interface. While playing the game, it is somewhat difficult to tell which pieces you already selected since they very discretely wiggle, but otherwise the visuals are good.

Lasting Value: 5/5
The game of course has no end, since you try to play as long as possible. However, the lasting value is increased via leaderboards and the three different game modes. Playing a match takes a surprisingly good amount of time, which is great.

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